Build customer motivation – Steps to understand customer, increase sales
Steps to build customer motivation

Build customer motivation – Steps to understand customer, increase sales

Successful selling involves showing customers how your product will make a difference to them. Therefore it is important to know steps to build customer motivation for a long-lasting relationship with customer and a satisfied customer that will go a long way to maximize your profitability.

Use GRIP to understand a client’s goals, assess their situation, and identify the gap between what they have and what they would value and their motivation to buy. Your should read about ‘how to successfully sell anything’ if you wish to explore the tools and best practices for successful selling.


The four stages to build customer motivation are:





Let us understand each stage:


1. Goals

Goals-Steps to build customer motivation
Goals-Steps to build customer motivation


This stage involves thinking about the future that creates a positive mindset which sees opportunities, is motivated to change and prepared to look how your offer will make a difference

Your objective

You need to help the client visualize how their current situation can be improved or how you can solve their problem.

Provide them the impetus to challenge and question their current situation. You need to be creative and formulate a vision for future or rather help them visualize a future which is better than present.

How to use Goals

Try asking open questions about future as they see it. Encourage them to visualize the future and find themselves as to what is lacking. You need to know their present situation at the same time keep the focus on their future

Result that you will get

Most people (I am sure your customer falls into this category), always have their perception built around what they have at present. Also they to a large extent think about the possibilities for future and want to achieve their vision. This goes a long way for laying the foundation to build customer motivation.


2. Reality

Reality-Steps to build customer motivation
Reality-Steps to build customer motivation


Reality is the gap between you and your goals

Your objective

In this stage you need to explore the current situation in detail. The present scenario will give you an insight about what is standing between you and your goals.

Seek clarification for what needs to be done to make the client’s ideal situation happen.

How to use Reality

Ask further question about the customer’s current situation. Ask them about the things they like, make note of it and seek clarity about what is that they don’t like or something that frustrates them.

Result that you will get

The customer will see the amount of gap and the need to take action. If there are no gaps, you can save a lot by not pursuing any further. However this is quite rare.


3. Implications

Implication- Steps to build customer motivation
Implication- Steps to build customer motivation


The client sees a different future than what you have to offer. Explore the implications and importance of change. Move teh client towards a decision.

Don’t rush to your offer because this stage provides valuable insight to better customize your offerings.

Your objective

  • Do not rush to make an offer
  • Establish a good relationship with the customer
  • You can also look into how to build trust to use at this stage
  • Also understand their needs, hopes and aspirations.

How to use Implications stage

Be empathetic and listen to what the customer has to say. In addition ask them questions that can explore the situation and goals. Help the client to see the extent of gap. Also make them understand the difference change would make.

Result that you will get

You will know about the customers commitment. At the same time also develop trust and possibility of long term relationship. The end result is an enthusiastic customer in-front of you.


4. Plan

Plan- Steps to build customer motivation
Plan- Steps to build customer motivation


This stage is all about achieving your goals. Use the information to tailor your offer, build relationship and gain commitment

Your objective

First of all, enable your client to achieve goals, offering the solution for their needs. Also ensure that the customer feels unforced, comfortable and confident. Make the right sale for repeat business.

How to use Implications stage

Use the information gained at this stage to ensure that the solution meets their needs and expectations. While you work with customer to make any changes or adjustment.

Result that you will get

You will get a Sale! As a result you will get chance to build a long term relationship with the client and  build customer motivation for repeat sales.

You may also want to explore how to sell online.

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