The Nine Box Grid- Assessing performance and potential
Assessing performance and Potential

The Nine Box Grid- Assessing performance and potential

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The Nine-Box Grid measures individuals’ performance and potential – identifying areas for improvement and highlighting their development needs. Assessing performance and potential is not difficult as it may sound


The Nine-Box Grid is especially popular in organizations and among professionals who are particularly focused on developing their current and potential leaders, and for whom developing talent is a priority.

In essence, it takes a view of an individual’s success and effectiveness in their current role (performance), while adding the perspective of their future potential – what they are capable of contributing and achieving.

The grid can help organizations understand what is needed for success both now and in the future, and how to ensure that people are recruited and developed in the to identify development needs as well as highlighting where performance needs to be improved.

10 Principle of Motivation at workplace is a useful tool to understand employee motivation while assessing employee performance and  potential

Using the Nine-Box Grid: key questions

When assessing a person’s performance and potential, it can help to keep several questions in mind:

• How well have they achieved their goals and objectives? What evidence is there?

• What do they do successfully and how can they improve their performance?

• What are this person’s motivations? How can I get them engaged with the changes that are needed?

• What are their development needs? What activities might work best to help them make progress and achieve their potential?

• What will success look like?

The Nine Box Grid- Assessing performance and potential
The Nine Box Grid- Assessing performance and potential



The aspiration for most organizations is to have their employees in the shaded areas of the grid; here, they are either performing to the best of their ability, or they are strong performers with the ability to go even further.

By seeking feedback from a lot of people and using validation. This reflects for individual to generate focus on what is required to be done and what does success look like.


Knowledge is sharing

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